Model VP - Wood Pellet Venting

Model VP is used for venting pellet or corn burning stoves approved for use with PL-Vent. The appliance's flue gases must not exceed 570 F (298.80 C).  Listed to ULC S609 and UL 641.

Features and Benefits:
  • Available in 3" and 4" diameters.
  • Full line of fittings and full range of pipe lengths increase installation flexibility.
  • Proven coupling joint connects in seconds to assure joint integrity.
  • Gasketed joint design.
  • Painted pipe lengths available for interior use.
  • Rolled-over male end eliminates sharp edges.
  • 3" clearance to combustibles.
  • Removable tee cap for inspection and cleaning.
  • Internal spacing bead assures uniform insulating air space between pipe walls.